Ant Removal and Control

Ants are perhaps one of the most intersting insects around. They are highly social creatures that work together to find food and water and protect their queen and the rest of their nest from predators. Unfortunately, their very nature puts them into contact with humans. Our warm climate and the fod and water within our homes are an ant’s heaven. This often sets off a constant battle between homeowners and the ants in desperate search of water and food.

Hydrex Pest Control technicians undergo rigorous training, following a highly effective ant suppression and extermination protocol to rid your home of ants.

The key to managing and eliminating ants in your home is identifying colony entrances and removing food and water sources. Customers are essential in helping with this identification process because they are most aware of where the ants are most active. Once the colony entrances are found, our pest control professionals begin a management program utilizing baits and/or sprays.

Our first preference (and most eco-aware solution) is to use a bait. Baits are a combination of ant food and a slow acting agent. Worker ants will carry the bait back to their nest where it is shared with other workers and ultimately the queen. Once the queen ingests the bait, the nest will slowly die out as most baits stop ant reproduction. Similarly, worker ants will share the bait amongst themselves, causing the nest to slowly die out.

In addition to baits, our ant control program uses a non-repellant spray product.Ants can not sense the presence of these agents and so when they are applied to areas where they are foraging for food and water, they track this agent back to the nest where it is transferred among the other workers and ultimately the queen.

What to expect as a part of the Hydrex ant control program.

We believe strongly in eco-aware pest control. As such, our ant control program uses a low toxic program that uses the social nature of ants to reduce and control their population. The treatments are designed to last long enough for the ants to take the bait or spray residue back to their nests to be shared. Typically customers see a noticeable decrease if not complete elimination of your ant problem after 10-14 days. In some instances and depending upon the species inhabiting your home, you may need several treatments.

Hydrex Pest Control fully guarantees its service. Call us or fill out the form to schedule your ant service today.


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