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Wildlife Suffering During California Drought

The drought in our home state of California is not only affecting our food sources it is severely affecting our wildlife. In this news clip from KEYT, the broadcaster gives an overview of the situation. She also shares a tip from a Solvang animal rescue team, as […]

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Do you like your lemons frozen?

 ‘Tis the season, not just for turkey and Christmas trees, but also freezing temps.  Northern California is in for a cold snap for a few days.  Apparently coming from a cold front out of western Canada.  It is supposed to dip down into the mid-twenties, not a […]

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No one wants ants for Thanksgiving Dinner!

It’s that time of year when the first rains and cooler nights get the ants on the move searching for food and shelter.  It also happens to be the time of year when lots of cooking will be going on and trash cans get full. The most important thing you […]

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How to Winterize your Yard

Summer is officially over, and in Northern California that means one thing: moisture. There is nothing wrong with a lot of moisture, it is a big part of why Northern California is so beautiful. This summer was especially dry, so the extra moisture is welcomed. But preparing for the winter is still […]

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Have you guys heard about this thing???  The Japanese Giant Hornet is supposedly one of the most dangerous insects in the world!  They say just two stings from this very aggressive predator is enough to kill a person. If that wasn’t enough, it apparently shoots flesh-melting acid at its […]

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The Bed Bug Revolution

So I am thumbing through the catalog for the upcoming Pest World convention and I’m struck by how many times the term bed bug appears. The bed bug had all but disappeared twenty years ago in the US and has made a huge resurgence over the past ten but most […]

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The Red Hour Glass!

Last week we talked about the more harmless types of spiders we encounter pretty regularly. Today we will address the greatly feared BLACK WIDOW! Once again I find myself defending the insects. Although the Black Widow does deliver a serious bite, in most cases they will flee […]

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Along Came a Spider…

Many a nursery rhyme that we recite to our children include bits about spiders. In reality many of the adults reading these sweet tales are terrified of spiders. Arachnophobia is one of the most common fears humans share. There are only a few spiders to truly fear […]

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The Wonderous Snail

This time of year we have the opportunity to watch the mesmerizing movement of the land snail. If you have the time to watch them travel, take it. It counts as a meditation session! Snails truly are fascinating creatures. First of all, how many land species carry […]

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Servicing the Wine Country

Some days you appreciate where you live and work more than others. Today was one of those days.  We have been experiencing a period of beautiful spring like weather here in Sonoma County over the past couple of weeks.  Today my route included Calistoga and this was […]

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