Pantry Pests

Getting Rid of Pantry Pests Such as Warehouse, Drugstore & Saw Toothed Grain Beetles & Indian Meal Moths in Napa, CA

The last thing you will want is to find pantry pests invading the dinners, desserts and other meals and treats you prepare for your family. Pantry pests are often brought right into our home as we go shopping. Food like sugar, flour, nuts, rice and cereals often […]

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Granary and Rice Weevil

The rice weevil and granary weevil are similar in both looks and behavior. Both weevils are around 1/8″ long, although the granary weevil can grow to be a little larger. They are also both colored reddish brown. However, the rice weevil isn’t shiny in appearance and has […]

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Mediterranean Flour Moth

The Mediterranean flour moth got its name from the location believed to be its origin. It is fairly large for a pantry pest moth, up to ¾” long with a wingspan up to 1″ wide. Adult flour moths are gray colored with black specks and wavy black […]

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Indianmeal Moth

The Indianmeal moth is named for infesting a type of Indian cornmeal, though they will feed on many other things. Adult moths are around 3/8″ long, with a wingspan of up to 5/8″ wide. They are sometimes confused with clothes moths, but they are easy to distinguish […]

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Angoumois Grain Moth

The Angoumois grain moth is named after the area in France where it was first noted infesting grain. These moths are around 1/3″ long with a wingspan of ½”, and colored a shade of tan or light brown. Adult moths are also attracted to light. Angoumois moth […]

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Lesser Grain Borer

The lesser grain borer is named for being the smaller grain borer in its family. These beetles are around 1/8″ long, and dark brown in color. It is a hunchback beetle, with its head difficult to see from the top side. Grain borer larvae are the same […]

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Warehouse Beetle

The warehouse beetle is named for being a pest of stored goods in warehouses. The adult is around 1/8″ long, and colored dark brown with lighter colored markings. They can chew through most types of packaging, even when well intact. Warehouse beetle larvae can grow up to […]

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Merchant Grain and Sawtoothed Grain Beetle

Merchant grain and sawtoothed grain beetles are so similar, they were considered to be one species in the past. They are around 1/8″ long, brown, with saw-like teeth on their sides. Adult merchant grain beetles are attracted to light and can fly, whereas sawtoothed grain beetles don’t […]

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Hide and Larder Beetle

Hide and larder beetles are similar in behavior, but somewhat different in appearance. Hide beetles are up to 3/8″ long, and usually black with a white underside. Larder beetles are the same size, without a white underside but have a horizontal light yellow band on their back. […]

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Red Flour and Confused Flour Beetle

The confused flour and red flour beetles look almost identical, which is probably how the confused beetle got its name. They are both reddish brown beetles, around 1/8″ long. Careful examination of the thorax and antennae must be made to differentiate the two. The red flour beetle […]

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