Black Roof Rats AKA Ship or House Rats Spread Diseases to Humans Via Urine, Droppings & More in Vacaville, CA

Some of us have a primal fear of snakes, bugs or rats. The black rat aka: ship rat, roof rat or house rat known to science as Rattus rattus seems appropriate. Lady and Tramp’s nemesis, (thanks Disney for that nightmare). They are everywhere. Roof rats hitch rides […]

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Norway Rat Identification & How to Get Rid of These Burrowing Rodent Pests in Fairfield, CA

When you are dealing with rats you want to be sure that you use a professional pest control company. Rats are not a pest that you want to play with and definitely not a pest that you want to leave untreated since they can become a serious […]

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Roof/Black/Ship Rat

Roof rats, also called black rats or ship rats, are smaller in size than Norway rats. The roof rat has soft hair, in contrast to the Norway rat’s coarse hair They are around 7″ long, with a tail around 8″ long. Coloration is a mixture of brown […]

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Norway/Sewer/Wharf Rat

The Norway rat is also referred to as the sewer rat, wharf rat, or brown rat. They can swim, and do inhabit sewers. It’s the largest of rats and mice, with a body of around 8″ long and a tail around 7″. Their coarse fur is colored […]

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House Mouse

The house mouse is very similar in size an appearance to the deer mouse, but is more adapted to thriving in indoor environments. House mice are around 6″ long, with half their length being their tail. Coloration is gray or brown, with a light colored belly. The […]

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Deer Mouse

The deer mouse is common in rural areas, and occasionally found in suburban settings near rustic settings. Recently they have become a concern because they are carriers of hantavirus, which can be spread to humans. They are also a host for ticks that carry Lyme disease. They […]

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