Norway Rat Identification & How to Get Rid of These Burrowing Rodent Pests in Fairfield, CA

When you are dealing with rats you want to be sure that you use a professional pest control company. Rats are not a pest that you want to play with and definitely not a pest that you want to leave untreated since they can become a serious infestation quite quickly. They are also not safe to have around your home since they are known to carry bacteria and diseaes that can be dangerous to your family. Another reason that you need to call out a professional is due to the amount of damage rats are known to cause. They work constantly to find nesting materials that will include your wires, insulation and even fabric from your sofa and other furniture. One of the most important things that you can do is to have as much information for the pest control technician about your rat as possible.

Hydrex Pest Control Of The North Bay Outlines How to Identify Norway Rats & How to Get Rid of These Rodents

norway-ratHow to Identify Norway Rats: A Norway rat is also known as a street rat, sewer rat or even a brown rat. Although the Norway rat was actually first found in China they are found all over the United States now. They are usually brown in color but can also have gray patches that usually appear under their backside. The body of a full grown adult Norway rat can reach up to ten inches in length, not including the tail. The tail can almost double the length of their overall length. The tail of a Norway Rat is what sets a rat apart from a mouse since it is without hair and is fat and thick. The tail is normally pink or grey in color and the entire rat can weigh just over a pound.
Common Behavior & Diet Of A Norway Rat: The Norway rat is a nocturnal rodent and will normally be found sleeping in a burrow or nest during the day time and come out at night to find food. The Norway rat is not a great climber but they can be seen scaling the outside of the wall of your home and up a tree to reach an area that may have food. They may not be great at climbing but they are good at digging. They tunnel out an area to use as a burrow to live and care for their young. They are willing to eat any food that they come across. That includes meat, fruits, vegetables and more. Whatever they can find they are willing to take it in and feed on it.
How to Get Rid of Norway Rats: It is very important to keep rats out of your home because they are able to carry disease that can be dangerous to you and your family. A professional pest control company can offer tips and advice on what you can do to prevent them. If you are already dealing with rats you need to contact pest control services right away to have them exterminated.


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