What is a German Cockroach & Are The Germs & Diseases They Carry Harmful to Humans in Vallejo, CA?

When you talk about a type of pest that is nasty and seems to not be good for anything, most often a cockroach comes up. They are a nasty type of pest consisting of over 4,000 species. Each one is distinguishable and they have their own characteristics. Dealing with cockroaches can be annoying since they are quick and are hard to get rid of if you go with the squish one at a time approach. There are many ways to keep pests away from your home but first you need to know more about them what they are looking for.

Hydrex Pest Control Of North Bay, Inc. Explains What a German Cockroach is & Why They Are Harmful To Have Around Your Home or Business

german-cockroach-wikiWhat is a German Cockroach?: A German cockroach is a type of cockroach that is well known and found most commonly among homes and businesses. They are interested in three main things just like any other pest. These are shelter first, food next and water last. They don’t need much water to drink but they do prefer to be somewhere that has some moisture. German cockroaches are usually light brown or tan in their coloring once they are adults. The young are mostly black until they grow fully. They also have a set of black stripes that run down the back of their body from behind the head down to the end of their wings. The German cockroach has wings that are developed by adulthood but they are not found flying very often. They are much quicker running and hiding than they are at flying so that is not their preferred method of transportation.
What Are The Dangers Of German Cockroaches to Humans?: When you are dealing with any type of pest infestation you need to know what kinds of dangers exist from that specific type of pest. The danger from a German cockroach is not from a bite or sting since they don’t do either but from the bacteria they carry. They are many times found living in the sewer and garbage where there are many types of bacteria for them to walk through. The issue comes when they enter your home and walk along your food preparation surfaces, leaving a trail of that same dangerous bacteria for you or your family to come into contact with. They also are on the hunt for food and a few bites from a small cockroach are not always able to be seen so they could feed on a piece of food left out without your knowledge. That then turns into food contamination which is dangerous if you then eat that same food or prepare it on the surface they walked across. It can lead to health troubles such as vomiting and feeling ill.

Cockroach Control

What can you do to get rid of German cockroaches? If you have an issue with German cockroaches you need to be sure that you have them treated as soon as possible. The very best way to deal with this type of pest infestation, and really any other, is to call a pest control company to come out on a regular basis. They can treat the infestation and also continue to treat your home on a regular basis as a preventive method. Hydrex Pest Control Of the North Bay, Inc. offers expert pest control services so give us a call today to make an appointment.


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