Why Professional Commercial Pest Control is Necessary for Your Business in San Mateo, CA

Commercial businesses in the Bay Area are just as susceptible to pests as residential locations are, if not more so. And businesses are judged far more harshly when they have pests. With social media, review web sites, and customer word of mouth; having pests creep out in view of customers and clients will instantly have a negative impact. As the public comes in and out, the volumes of food, and the routine deliveries of boxes and crates; pests can come in droves. Keeping the insects, rodents, and wildlife contained is an essential part of your business for health concerns, avoiding property damage, and retaining clientele. Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay would like to list the benefits of taking advantage of professional pest control for your commercial business.

Why Commercial Pest Control is Necessary for Your Business

Protect Health of Staff & Customers: Pests often invoke heebie-jeebies among employees and customers, but beyond that, many pests carry bacteria, diseases, and germs that cause illnesses. For example; a tick bite can transmit Lyme disease to humans, cockroaches can spread salmonella and E-coli from walking on food and preparation areas which can induce asthma attack and allergies. Allergic reactions from bee and wasp stings are common. And other pests such as mice, rats, spiders etc can also be a health risk.
Proper Application of Pest Treatments: Professionals are masterfully trained in the application of insecticides and traps. Having an amateur take on this responsibility can lead to excessive chemical use, wrong chemical use, and an unsafe application of the chemicals. Over-application of harmful toxins is not only hazardous for your employees and customers but it can potentially increase the ability for pests to multiply. Hiring a professional ensures a safe and efficient application of insecticides that is effective on pests and safe for guests.
Accurate Pest Identification & Treatment: The different varieties of pests that can infiltrate your business require specific forms of treatment. Where some pests disperse with chemical sprays, others require bait traps. Professionals can customize the pest control that are identified in your establishment as well as knowing what pests are prone to your type of business and what are commonly found in the area. Destroying infestations and protecting the building from future infestations is problem solving where trained professionals can apply the right solutions and ensure the proper methods and techniques are used.
Treating the Source of Pest Infestations: Getting rid of pest infestations is just half of the process and the other half is finding the source that is attracting these pests to your commercial property and preventing future intrusion. Professionals are trained to locate the source of infestation and present solutions to prevent future infestations. It is likely the problem will resurface if both measures are not executed.

Commercial Pest Control

No business wants to deal with pests or especially being known to have them. With Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay, we offer commercial pest management services to ensure your reputation is preserved and your facility is healthy. Call us today to get started!


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