Africanized Honey (Killer) Bee

The Africanized honey bee is an example of the ill effects of trying to improve on nature. In the 50’s an African queen was brought to Brazil, to try and make a superior honey bee. Colonies of these African bees mated with honey bees, creating the Africanized honey bee. These bees have been making their way north ever since. This bee has been referred to as a “killer bee” because of its aggressiveness. They are no more poisonous than honey bees, in fact they are basically honey bees with bad tempers. They will gang up on a victim, and chase them for much longer than a regular honey bee. The Africanized honey bee looks identical to a honey bee, but may be slightly smaller in size. These killer bees aren’t domesticated, and nest in a wider range of places than honey bees. There have been attacks in southern California, but they aren’t really a problem in this area. It is important to keep them in mind however, because they are spreading.


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