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Foreign Beetle Invades the Tri-state Area

This destructive new foreign beetle gets its name from interesting anatomy.  Authorities believe the pest arrived in the US via a crate from China. One of the most disturbing things about this new invader is that it attacks 13 different species of trees.  The beetle bores dime […]

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The Unappreciated Sow Bug

The sow bug or pill bug is highly under rated.  This armadillo like insect is the perfect cleaner. It lives on dead material like sticks leaves and kitchen scraps and turns it into compost. This unusual critter breaths through gills like it’s ancient ancestors and are more […]

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The Stunning Cercropia Moth

My niece and I were visiting in Geneva, Ohio literally trying to decide what to write our first cooperative blog about. We noticed up ahead of us that there was a large group of people gathered around a man.  Upon closer examination, we saw the man had the […]

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Our New Blogger!

Hello Hydrex blog readers.  I would like to introduce you to our new associate blogger Sarah Washburne.  Sarah is my ten year old niece and I must say, without bias : ), an excellent writer.  Sarah will be acting as a research assistant and will write blogs […]

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Employee’s After Hours

Technician Arvin Cruz coaches a womens slow pitch softball team in Rohnert Park on his time off.  Arvin is an avid Giants fan, actually he get’s excited about almost all sports!  What are your technicians into?

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What’s That Growing on My House?

Several of our technicians have been spotting paper wasp nests over the last couple of weeks when out doing regular monthly services. Paper wasp queens begin building their nests in the spring. Old nests are almost never reused. Their nests have open combs like the picture shown […]

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Subterranean Termite Treat Video

This is the time of year when pest control professionals start to receive a lot of calls about termite swarms.  After heavy rains and then a warming period, is when termites become active. One of the most common termite infestations we see is from the subterranean termite.  […]

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Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers???

Just had to share this amazing photo of a Robber Fly taken by Nature photographer Thomas Shahan. The Robber Fly has three simple eyes on his forehead and two large compound eyes. The robber fly stabs its victims (other insects) and injects them with a neurotoxin that […]

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Can Insects and Animals Predict Earthquakes?

Humans can’t tell when an earthquake is about to strike, but some believe insects and animals can. Over the years there have been hundreds of stories of cats, dogs, cockroaches, and rats becoming disoriented and disturbed just before an earthquakes. In 1975, in northeastern China, people reported […]

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Wet Winter and Spring = Termite Swarms

Wet Winter and Spring = Termite Swarms   We have experienced a very wet winter and early spring.  Pests flourish under these weather conditions.   One we expect to see a lot of is the Western subterranean termite. This west coast native is known to be able […]

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