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Pest Control Convention, Honolulu

Hydrex Pest control attended the 2010 Pest World Convention in Honolulu Hawaii in October.  There were many exciting new products being represented on the trade show floor.  On display were such items as new bird control methods, innovative rodent traps and canine bed bug services. Hydrex professionals […]

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Everyone’s Fav, the Cockroach!

 Everyone’s Fav, the Cockroach! Most of us associate the presence of cockroaches with dirty places which isn’t completely true.  Roaches can live in the walls of clean homes as well, but have larger colonies in places with a bigger and more available food supply.  They also prefer […]

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Rodent Season has Officially Begun!

Rodent Season has Officially Begun!   Rats and mice are some of the most troublesome and damaging rodents in the United States . They eat and contaminate food, damage structures and property, and transmit parasites and diseases to other animals and humans. Rats live and thrive under […]

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Gophers and Moles and Voles, Oh My!

 Gophers and Moles and Voles, Oh My! Do you feel like varmints are getting more from the garden than you are?  Are you experiencing strange alien like patterns on your once beautiful lawn? If so, you may have a tunneling trespasser. Discovering what type and how to […]

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Fall Pest with a Bite!

So its early fall and you’re thinking, ahhh, no more mosquitoes, tics, no more calls to Hydrex Pest Control. : )  Then, “Dang, I just got stung!  What was it?  A yellow jacket!?” There is a pest that thrives in autumn and especially seems to enjoy nesting […]

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Employee Shout Out!

Employee Shout Out! Hydrex Pest Control wants to give a shout to our newest team member, Sasha Brencic! Sasha and her husband John live in downtown Petaluma, with their two spoiled cats, Stella and Del.   They are about to celebrate their first wedding anniversary this month. Congratulations! […]

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We LOVE our fruit trees, and so do our feathered “friends”!

We LOVE our fruit trees, and so do our feathered “friends”! Have you been waiting all year for those juicy sweet peaches, or perfectly purple plums, checking your beloved fruit trees every day, patiently waiting for the perfect state of ripeness? ME TOO!  And much to my […]

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Ok, who isn’t afraid of spiders, really!?

Summertime brings on a slew of our eight legged “friends”, one more intimidating then the next.  Now snopes busted the myth about us eating spiders in our sleep, but even still, staring up at one of these fuzzy little beasts on your bedroom ceiling while trying to […]

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Insect Encounters

Looking through the bug covered windshield of our Pace Arrow, got me thinking about the vast variety of bugs we have encountered on our road trip. We began in Oklahoma and took a north easterly route through Missouri , Illinois , Indiana , Ohio , Pennsylvania , […]

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Cute from a distance, not when they are invading your home!

Cute from a distance, not when they are invading your home!   Nuisance wildlife causing you sleepless nights? These adorable animals can invade homes and other buildings, dig up lawns, damage vegetable crops, and raid chicken coops and beehives.  How do we keep these critters out of […]

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