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House Fly

The house fly is named because it is the most common fly found around the home. House flies are under ¼” long, and if you look closely have stripes behind their head. They are nocturnal flies, resting at night and coming out to feed during the day. […]

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Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are tiny flies usually associated with ripe fruits and vegetables, though they also like fermenting liquids. Occasionally they are referred to as vinegar flies, pomace flies, or small fruit flies. Around an 1/8″ long, they can get through some screens that keep other flies out. […]

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Cluster Fly

Cluster flies are named for thier strange hibernation behavior where they sometimes form in clusters. Adults are around 3/8″ long, dark colored, with no metallic sheen. Cluster flies are generally slower and clumsier than other types of similar flies. And if they are crushed, will leave a […]

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Blow, Bottle, and Flesh Fly

Blow and bottle flies are actually two different species of flies, similar enough to group together for most purposes. Many different colors are possible, but they will have a metallic sheen to them. In addition they range in size, but don’t exceed 5/8″ long. These flies are […]

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Webbing Clothes Moth

The webbing clothes moth gets its name from the way the larva builds webbing around itself, and eats a diet of clothing fibers. The adult moths are around ½” long, and behave different from other moths you are used to seeing. Preferring the dark, you won’t see […]

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Booklice (Psocids)

Booklice are named for their slight similarity in appearance to lice, but aren’t related to lice in any way. They aren’t parasitic, and don’t bite. Booklice are also called psocids, and are very small. Most of them are under 1/16″ long, semi-transparent, and look almost like a […]

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Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are named for their ability to eat things like fabrics, furs, and papers. There are a few types of carpet beetles found in this area, all with similar habits. The black carpet beetle is named for its solid coloring, the common carpet beetle is named […]

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Firebrat and Silverfish (Bristletails)

Silverfish and firebrats are similar species, sometimes both referred to as bristletails. Around a half an inch long, and gray in color, the silverfish can be distinguished by its shinier appearance. They don’t like light, and hide in cracks and crevices until it’s dark to come out […]

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German Cockroach

The German cockroach is well adapted to living in people’s homes and reproduces quickly, making it the most problematic pest roach around. The German roach is around ½” long and tan colored, with two darker colored stripes starting behind their head. Female’s egg capsules are lighter in […]

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Brownbanded Cockroach

The brownbanded cockroach is named for the lighter colored bands marking its body. Males and females vary somewhat in appearance, but are both around ½” long. Only male brownbandeds can fly. Females produce yellow-brown egg capsules around 3/16″ long. These roaches commonly live in homes and apartment […]

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