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Carpenter Ant

Carpenter ants frequently make their homes by hollowing out wood to make galleries and nests, which is how they got their name. Carpenter ants tear wood and clear it out for nesting, they don’t actually digest it like termites. These ants can also nest in wall voids, […]

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Bigheaded Ant

The bigheaded ant gets its name from the disproportionately large head of the worker, used to crack hard seeds and other prey. Colors of the bigheaded ant range anywhere from yellow to almost black, and many combinations in between. Bigheaded ants aren’t as common to find inside, […]

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Argentine Ant

The argentine ant is very common and difficult to control. With the ability to build nests under just about anything, they can be a real nuisance. Argentine ants are very small ants, around a sixteenth of an inch long. Color can range from light brown to dark […]

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Acrobat Ant

The acrobat ant family includes several species. These ants are named for the curious acrobatic feat they perform – raising their abdomen up over their head almost like a scorpion, which becomes more apparent when they are alarmed. Acrobat ants are small, around an eighth-inch long and […]

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