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What is a German Cockroach & Are The Germs & Diseases They Carry Harmful to Humans in Vallejo, CA?

When you talk about a type of pest that is nasty and seems to not be good for anything, most often a cockroach comes up. They are a nasty type of pest consisting of over 4,000 species. Each one is distinguishable and they have their own characteristics. […]

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How to Get Rid of Black Odorous, Pavement & Carpenter Ants in Your San Rafael, CA House

There are several types of pests that come out in force during the warm summer weather. One of these pests is ants. Ants live in colonies and spend time foraging for food for the colony and more importantly the queen. Ants are willing to look for food […]

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Fly Species Identification & Control in Novato & The North Bay of California; Olive Fruit, Horse & House Flies

The North Bay is Home to a Variety of Fly Species that will Disrupt your Summer Summertime in the North Bay provides beautiful weather, scenery and the perfect atmosphere for spending time with friends and family. However, it also provides the perfect setting for a variety of […]

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Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite; Searching for Signs of Hiding Bed Bugs in Your Petaluma CA Home

One of the most annoying and discomforting insects to have within the walls of your home is the bed bug. The thought of bed bugs within one’s home have been the cause of nervous break downs, hives and insomnia. Sleep is precious and without a proper night’s […]

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Spring is Termite Swarming Season! Professional Termite Pest Inspections & Treatment Help Prevent Damage to Your Santa Rosa CA Home!

Termites in the Bay Area of California Destroy Homes Termites cause more damage every year than any other insect on the planet. Thousands and thousands of dollars are spent annually repairing the structural damage that termites have inflicted upon homes in the Bay Area of California. Termites […]

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Spiders of California: From the Common American House to the Banded Garden to the Bark Crab Spider

California provides a friendly environment for many different types of animals and insects. With its moderate temperatures and vast amount of vegetation, California provides an excellent home to creatures we may not necessarily want living so close to us. Spiders are an insect that can make someone […]

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Insecticide Resistant Super Lice in The North Bay California? Integrated Pest Management is Key!

With school now back in session it’s time to get back to a grinding schedule of getting kids up, feeding them breakfast and getting them out the door on time. School brings many new adventures that are looked forward to and other old routines that are not. […]

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Crazy Lookin’ Bugs!!

  We haven’t done a crazy lookin’ bug blog for a long time! Send me your favorite bug photos. They have to be your own photos or I can’t post them. Show me whatcha got!!

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California on Fire

As Californians we joke about our lack of fear of natural disasters because in general the west coast is very lucky in the weather and climate department. We don’t suffer from tornadoes, hurricanes, blizzards, ice storms or even heat waves compared to our friends in different parts of […]

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Food for Thought!

Bugs could be the new beef! No methane produced from bugs, don’t have to worry about high fat content. They are easily sustainably raised. Just think about it! Enjoy!

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