Carpet Beetle

Carpet beetles are named for their ability to eat things like fabrics, furs, and papers. There are a few types of carpet beetles found in this area, all with similar habits. The black carpet beetle is named for its solid coloring, the common carpet beetle is named for its frequent occurrence in carpets, and the varied carpet beetle is named for its strange markings. The adult beetles are around 3/16″ long, but it’s the larvae that cause most of the damage. During certain times of the year adult beetles eat pollen, so be careful of them on flowers you might be bringing into the house. They also lay eggs around animal nests outisde, so the larvae can hatch out and feed on feathers or fur present there. Carpet beetle larvae prefer natural fibers such as wool, fur, or silk – but will eat synthetic materials if they are soiled. Sometimes they will even feed on dead insects or old insect nests inside wall voids. The larvae don’t like the light, and if they are disturbed they will curl up. But they are still adventurous, and will move from room to room in a house looking for food. The damage left by these pests can be, but is not always, holes in fabrics. They can eat just the hairs off of a fur, or eat the surface of fabric leaving threads behind. Sometimes when an infestation is happened upon, both the larvae and their skins are present. Since they look alike, this can make the problem seem bigger than it really is. In addition, the carpet beetle can be a pest in the kitchen. They eat all kinds of flour, grain, and spices – chewing through packaging to get them.


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