Termite/Wood Destroying Pest Control

Type of Termites in Sebastopol, CA; Western Subterranean, Drywood & Other Termite Species

Termites are the most destructive pests when it comes to home damage. They can cause thousands of dollars in damage when they are left undetected for a long enough period of time. The biggest problem with termites, is the fact that they can be living in the […]

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Don’t Panic! It’s a Carpenter Bee not a helicoptor!

Around this time of year we all enjoy sitting out on our back porches taking in the summer like weather. Just as you are tipping back a glass of your favorite ice tea Rrrrrrroowww a black bee that looks like it weighs five pound, flies by your head on […]

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Borate Sprays for Termites/Beetle/Fungus

The two products we use for borate treatments are Tim-bor and BORA-CARE. The main ingredients are similar, although they do have some differences. Borates are unique chemicals, with many advantages. They are odorless, relatively safe to humans, don’t break down, and control all types of pests. Although […]

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Wood Boring Beetle Control

Using treated wood, or treating wood during construction is a good idea. Sometimes lumber, flooring, or cabinets can come with larvae and/or eggs already in them – which take years to emerge. Pre-treating will control existing beetles, and provide protection against future infestation. If active beetle evidence […]

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Localized Wood Treatment

If inspection finds drywood termites that are in a limited area, a localized treatment may be a good solution. This method can also be useful for other wood destroying pests, but is most commonly used for drywoods. The first and most important step is locating the infestation. […]

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Subterranean Termite Treatment

A subterranean termite treatment is, in theory, a simple process. The idea is to create a continuous barrier of treated soil between the termite colony in the ground, and your home. But you can see why in practice, this is sometimes quite involved. Ideally, every home would […]

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Termite Control Overview

Dampwood Termites Dampwood termites are typically the easiest to control. Since they prefer moister conditions, correcting the source of the moisture can usually eliminate them. Fixing leaky plumbing, adding ventilation, fixing earth to wood contacts, faulty grades, or repairing roofs are some of the items that may […]

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Home Inspection

A home inspection is required to find the extent of damage before treatment. But it is good insurance to have your home inspected to find problems that have gone unnoticed, before they turn into expensive headaches. An inspection report is also required for most real estate transactions. […]

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