Dung Beetles are Cool!

Okay, so they don’t have the most glamorous job in the insect world, but I think they are really cool.  First of all, the dung beetle can survive in almost any environment not just out on the farm.  They are found all over the world, even in […]

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Could it be a Yellow Bear in Oklahoma?

This sure looks like a Yellow Bear or more specifically a Spilosoma virginica. It is the right time of year for this stage in it’s development but not a common part of the country to find it in. As it’s scientific name indicates this species is generally […]

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Don’t Panic! It’s a Carpenter Bee not a helicoptor!

Around this time of year we all enjoy sitting out on our back porches taking in the summer like weather. Just as you are tipping back a glass of your favorite ice tea Rrrrrrroowww a black bee that looks like it weighs five pound, flies by your head on […]

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How to Winterize your Yard

Summer is officially over, and in Northern California that means one thing: moisture. There is nothing wrong with a lot of moisture, it is a big part of why Northern California is so beautiful. This summer was especially dry, so the extra moisture is welcomed. But preparing for the winter is still […]

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Did I Hear a Rattle?

This is the time of year when we are more active outdoors, so are one of the most feared reptiles, snakes!  We are lucky in California in that we only have two types of venomous snakes.  One which is rarely encountered is the California seasnake found in […]

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Whats the Buzz in Scottsdale?

It was almost exactly a year ago that I posted a blog about a swarm of honey bees in Scottsdale Arizona that were blocking the entrance to one of our favorite Gelato shops. We are heading back down to Scottsdale next week to see if we can […]

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Rainy Days Don’t Get Me Down

The West Coast Beetle aka: rain beetle, loves the rain.  This beetle is in the Scarab Beetle family.  It spends most of it’s life underground until the adult male is stimulated by the first good late fall or winter rains and goes for a flight (get the heck […]

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Employee’s After Hours

Technician Arvin Cruz coaches a womens slow pitch softball team in Rohnert Park on his time off.  Arvin is an avid Giants fan, actually he get’s excited about almost all sports!  What are your technicians into?

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NPMA Southwestern Conference in Albuquerque

NPMA Southwestern Conference in Albuquerque   Hydrex Pest Control attended this NPMA event.  There were many informative speakers discussing topics such as green pest management, bird work and wildlife management. However, the two hottest topics on the conference floor were bed bugs and localized treatment options for drywood […]

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Employee Shout Out!

Employee Shout Out! Hydrex Pest control of the North Bay wants to give a shout out to our fabulous Office Manager, Lacey Tompioner. Lacey is an amazing multi-tasker and an excellent schedule coordinator for Hydrex’s eight pest control technicians. She takes on new challenges fearlessly and handles […]

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