DIY VS Professional Removal of Skunks in Napa, CA; Avoiding Skunk Odor, Diseases & Injury

There are times in the year that you need to be more prepared for invaders. We are not talking about the kind that break in and steal your jewelry and televisions. Although you need to be prepared all year for them you also want to be ready for pests. There are some pests that want to use your home and your property as a place to hide, feed and nest. They also want to find a place they can use to get out of the weather. When it comes to pests there are lots of them that can cause some major disruption around your home. Skunks are one that bring odor as well as messes and danger as well. They are not there to attack you or injure your dog but they are there to protect themselves. You want to make sure you know the best way to deal with a skunk. They are not something you want to take on by yourself and are better left to a professional. Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay, Inc outlines why it’s best to call a professional if you have a skunk around your house.

Neutralize Skunk Odor

The furry black critter with the distinct white stripe can seem cute and snuggly but you want to keep your distance. They may seem unsuspecting and not an obvious threat but their biggest and most aggressive reaction is their spray. Skunks have a mechanism that allows them to protect themselves and ward off a would be predator. They will lift their tail and give off a spray that can reach further than you might think. The problem is that the odor that comes with the spray can be overwhelming and is very distinct. The other problem is that the smell will linger and will last for a long time. If you happen to be on the back end of the skunk you could have the smell that will be stuck on your clothes and skin. There are lots of hacks that you can use to try and remedy the issue. A professional knows how to address a skunk so that you are not going to be sprayed and the skunk is not frightened.

Skunks Carry Diseases

There are some critters that are known for disease they may carry. When it comes to skunks they are one of the top critters that can have rabies which can be dangerous to you and your family. If they seem to not be acting in a normal way or are being aggressive you want to make sure you stay clear and have a professional out. A bite from a rabid skunk can cause health concerns for you, your family and your pets as well. Being able to trap a suffering animal safely is the best approach and that is what a professional can do.

Avoid Injured Skunks

Most happy and healthy skunks are not a concern to the community and to your house. They only want to find a place to hide and live. When they think that your house is the place to be you might try and scare them away. This could injure the animal and could leave it suffering. You want to allow a professional to come out so that the skunk is not being injured when it is trapped and removed. It can be relocated to a new, more desirable place.

Skunk Control

Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay, Inc can come out and help to remove a skunk from around your house. Call us today!


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