Drywood Termite

Drywood termites are named for infesting wood of a lower moisture content. Worker termites are very small and look like white ants. Soldiers are up to twice as big, and have some orange to brown coloration. Swarmer termites are the largest, up to ½” long. Drywood swarmers can be distinguished from subterranean swarmers by their coloration – reddish brown. Swarms usually occur during sunny days, and are larger than dampwood swarms. They prefer to infest protected, bare wood crevices. Areas around trim are particularly susceptible. Once infested, the colony grows fairly slowly. After about four years there will be several hundred termites, and swarmers may exit the colony. Look for fecal pellets, called frass, sometimes in small piles. These termites like to keep their galleries clean and push frass out through holes in the wood. Also look for swarmers or wings around windows and in cobwebs. When a colony gets large enough, sometimes it can cause what looks like blisters on the outside surface of the infested wood. Tapping suspected wood and listening carefully for a hollow sound can find some termite infestations. Even though they are slow eaters, they can do significant damage before they are detected. It’s possible to introduce termites through furniture, lumber, or firewood. But they are common in nature, and usually come from nearby trees.


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