Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are tiny flies usually associated with ripe fruits and vegetables, though they also like fermenting liquids. Occasionally they are referred to as vinegar flies, pomace flies, or small fruit flies. Around an 1/8″ long, they can get through some screens that keep other flies out. If you can catch one and look at it under a magnifying glass, it will most likely have red eyes and be colored tan and black. These flies can typically been seen flying in small clusters around food sources, and are attracted to light. They are mostly a nuisance pest, but do have the potential to spread disease. Fruit flies don’t require a lot of food to develop and can breed in strange areas such as wet mops, or in drains. If a drain is suspected as a breeding site, taping a clear plastic bag over the drain overnight can be a good way to see if they are emerging.


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