German Cockroach

The German cockroach is well adapted to living in people’s homes and reproduces quickly, making it the most problematic pest roach around. The German roach is around ½” long and tan colored, with two darker colored stripes starting behind their head. Female’s egg capsules are lighter in color, and around ¼” long. Hiding mostly in small cracks during the day, they come out when it’s dark to look for food and water. Roaches can spread various types of disease, and damage things like books and wallpaper by eating glues. Since they feed mostly on bits of leftovers and garbage, they are typically associated with unsanitary conditions. They have a couple different ways to get into your house. When it’s warm out they can migrate from one home to another, crawling in through cracks or holes. Alternatively, they are very often brought in as hitchhikers. Since they hide in just about anything, they can be moved to a new location via things like equipment, food products, or cartons. This has made their distribution very widespread. Making their control even more difficult, this roach has the unique ability to build up a tolerance to certain pesticides.


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