House Mouse

The house mouse is very similar in size an appearance to the deer mouse, but is more adapted to thriving in indoor environments. House mice are around 6″ long, with half their length being their tail. Coloration is gray or brown, with a light colored belly. The best way to distinguish this mouse from the deer mouse is the tail. The house mouse’s tail is solid colored, while the deer mouse has a distinctly two-toned one. House mice are more common, and considered a more significant pest. Preferred nesting sites are dark, secluded areas inside. Nests are usually built from shredded or scavenged household materials. Being rapid breeders, and actively foraging for food gives these mice the potential to become a great nuisance. They are acrobats with the ability to gain access through incredibly small holes, jump long distances, and climb almost anything. They are mostly nocturnal, and constantly exploring new things. Items they wish to explore can have gnaw marks on them, especially if there is food inside. Droppings will also be present, concentrated mostly by feeding areas. Contamination of food, and spreading of disease are associated with these mice. Various diseases such as Salmonella are spread through mice droppings and/or urine.


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