How to Get Rid of German & American Cockroaches in Your Lucas Valley, CA Home

There are pests that are sure to gain access to your home. Depending on the time of year you may see more and more of a certain type of pest. One of the pests that you are sure to see more of when the weather is warm are cockroaches. They are a nasty pest that seem to have no benefit but none the less they are there. They are most active in the summer and will do what they can to make their way into a space that they are able to find food, water and shelter. They need enough moisture so they do not dry out so areas that have water is best for them. That is why you may see them in your kitchen, bathroom and around your yard or pool. You want to make sure that you do what you can to keep them out of your house. They can spread bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay Offer Tips to Keep Cockroaches Out of Your House at Night

German Cockroaches: There are several species of cockroaches that you will want to be aware of and know more about. The each have something that sets them apart from the others but they all can be harmful when in your house. The first type of cockroach that you want to know more about is the German cockroach. They are most common species of cockroach and are found in many homes all over the US. One way they are able to cause an infestation is how fast they are able to reproduce. The female can lay her eggs in your home that will hatch quickly especially if it is warm. They are usually about a half an inch in length and are a light color brown. If you are able to get close enough you may see two black or dark brown stripes that go from the head down the back.
American Cockroach: This is another cockroach that is found in the US and even though it is named the American cockroach they are not originally from here. They are one of the largest types of cockroaches that you will see reaching about two inches and have wings. They will fly if they feel too threatened but choose to run if they can. They are a reddish brown color and usually have a yellow or light tan colored band on their head. They also choose to be in warm climates that have the moisture that they need.
How to Prevent Cockroaches from Entering Your Home: You want to do what you can to secure your home so that the cockroaches are not able to get in the house. This means to seal up your windows and doors and look for cracks in the siding and exterior. You also want to keep food picked up that includes pet food as well. You also can keep your outdoor cans closed with a lid. Lastly you want to make sure that you prevent any moisture build up from leaking pipes or dripping water.

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