Norway/Sewer/Wharf Rat

The Norway rat is also referred to as the sewer rat, wharf rat, or brown rat. They can swim, and do inhabit sewers. It’s the largest of rats and mice, with a body of around 8″ long and a tail around 7″. Their coarse fur is colored various shades of brown and black, with a lighter colored belly. The overall appearance of them can be described as stocky. They are efficient breeders, with the ability to multiply fairly rapidly. Nesting sites are usually in the ground. Burrows are dug in the ground, or in piles of rubble. Burrows consist of a main opening, and at least one escape hole somewhere else. Sometimes nests are built in basements or in stored items that are left undisturbed. But they tend to stay away from higher altitudes in the home. These rats get into food items inside and contaminate them, similar to mice with their feces and urine. They will eat almost anything, but prefer foods like meats, dog food, and cereals over vegetable matter. Rats spread many different types of diseases that are transmittable to humans. In addition they can cause unsightly damage to your home through gnawing, and greasy rub marks from their fur.


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