Pacific/Western Blacklegged Tick

The western/pacific blacklegged tick is named for its distribution on the west coast, and darker legs than its body. They are smaller ticks ranging from 1/16″ to 3/8″ long, their size depending on how full of blood they are. The picture on the right shows an engorged tick. These parasites like mammals such as humans, to host on. They prefer outdoor environments and will wait on grass or brush for an animal to latch onto. This tick is the main transmitter of Lyme disease in our area of California. Lyme disease is a serious one, wreaking havoc on different parts of the body. If bitten by a tick, watch out for an early warning sign of Lyme disease – a circular rash on the body. If gone untreated, chronic effects on muscles, breathing, and the nervous system can occur.


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