Pharaoh Ant

The Pharaoh ant is believed to have come from Egypt, and named after the ancient plagues in the days of the Pharaohs. These small ants are only around 1/16″ long, and are typically lighter colored with a darker abdomen. They bear more of a resemblance to a wasp than other ants do. Pharaoh ants are notorious in hospitals and restaurants for infecting food and supplies. Nesting primarily inside, they prefer warm moist areas such as steam heating systems. You can see them trailing to various food sources similar to other ants. Caution should be used with pesticides, or other things that may disturb the nest – as they can split up and form new nests just about anywhere. For this reason Pharaoh ants can be difficult to control. A baiting program is usually most effective, having the least chance of disturbing the colony.


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