Springtails are very small insects named for their tails, which enable them to jump relatively high. They are around 1/16″ long, and difficult to see with the naked eye. However, under magnification they look almost like a shrimp with their humped back Their ability to jump and small size makes them sometimes confused with fleas, though they don’t bite. Springtails live mostly outside in damp or decaying conditions. They need moisture to survive and feed on things like decaying matter, mold, and fungus. There are thousands of them in soil and decaying leaves, but they usually go unnoticed. When they get into moist areas of the house, or in house plants is when they become a problem. Usually drying out the moist conditions, and cleaning up the springtails will be enough to control them. If potted plant soil if heavily infested, repotting into new sterile soil can be a quick remedy.


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