Stinging Pest Control; How to Prevent Wasp Stings & Get Rid of Wasps in San Rafael, CA

The warm summers months are coming and that means stinging pests are coming too. Wasps are both annoying and can give you a painful sting. It is easy to confuse wasps with hornets with their yellow and black bodies. Hornets are not as common but will also sting. Wasps are known to be aggressive and their stings can be nasty.

What Does a Wasp Sting Look Like?

If you have been unfortunate enough to get stung by a wasp, you probably haven’t forgotten how much it hurt! Wasps can sting or bite and is the reason they evoke fear when they start buzzing around. Wasps will more likely sting than bite. This is their most effective form of attack and they will generally only sting when they feel threatened. Wasps can be dangerous because they can sting more than once. The stinger is smooth, like a needle, and is the reason they can sting you over and over again. Wasps are different than bees in that they have a barbed stinger that they lose when they sting and therefore die. So, because wasps can sting repeatedly, they do not die like bees do because they don’t lose their stinger.

How to Treat Wasp Sting Swelling & Other Symptoms

The typical reaction to a wasp sting is screaming and jumping around. This reaction is warranted because a wasp sting hurts! The best thing you can do after a wasp has stung you is to stay calm and assess the situation. You will need to make sure you are not having an allergic reaction. Seek medical attention immediately if you are having any signs of an allergic reaction. If you aren’t having an allergic reaction, take the following steps:
• Clean the area
• Apply ice if it’s swelling
• Apply and antiseptic cream or spray to reduce the possibility of infection
• Use a painkiller to ease the pain
• Use an antihistamine to control itching

Wasp & Hornet Identification

Let’s learn some of the ways you can differentiate wasps from other pests. Hornets are a type of wasp but tend to be bigger and are usually black and white, or brownish red. Many wasps can be yellow and black. It will depend on the species. Wasps are not the same as bees and are visibly different. Wasps are smooth, slender and appear graceful, bees tend to be larger, hairier and less graceful. Wasps are more aggressive than bees and won’t die after they sting someone. If a bee stings you, you must have done something pretty threatening for it to sting because it will die afterwards. On the other hand, it takes very little to irritate a wasp and it can sting multiple times.

Stinging Pest Control & Wasp Nest Removal

Noticing too many wasps near your home? You most likely have a nest nearby. A wasp nest can contain thousands of wasps and can become a dangerous situation. These nests look papery because wasps use chewed wood pulp and saliva to construct them. Wasp nests can be very dangerous to remove because they are easily threatened and will attack to protect their nest. Contact the professionals at Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay for effective and safe wasp removal.


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