Uninvited House Guests?

Uninvited House Guests?

It’s the time of year when we start hearing strange noises coming from underneath the house or strong odors coming through vents or from our unsuspecting pets. SKUNKS are setting up house under yours, robbing you of precious sleep and adding to your worries.

“Are my kids and pets in danger?”

“Could the skunk(s) be rabid?”

“How do I get rid of them?!”

Hydrex Pest control to the rescue! We can answer your questions and evict your unwanted house guests!

Skunks control is best left to professionals. The spray from a frightened or aggressive skunk is incredibly potent and very difficult to remove. Skunks are normally fairly mellow animals, but are more than willing to defend themselves when cornered.

Skunks do commonly carry the rabies virus and pets should be kept up to date with the rabies vaccine. Skunks are most active in the evening and early morning hours. If you see a skunk wandering about during daylight hours or acting aggressively they could be rabid and you should call your local animal control authority right away.

When to call a pest control professional:

If you see a skunk snooping or digging around your house or other outbuildings.

If you are hearing scratching or clunking sounds under your house or deck. If you notice holes being dug around your house or outbuildings.

If you smell gamey or musky orders around the house or through your vents.

So, do not despair! Hydrex Pest Control professionals are at your service ready willing and able to evict for unwanted guests.


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