Webbing Clothes Moth

The webbing clothes moth gets its name from the way the larva builds webbing around itself, and eats a diet of clothing fibers. The adult moths are around ½” long, and behave different from other moths you are used to seeing. Preferring the dark, you won’t see them flying around sources of light – or even flying for that matter. They are poor flyers, so they usually choose to use their legs. Animal-based fabrics such as silks and wools are their favorite, but you can also find them on blended or soiled fabrics. The adults aren’t destructive feeders, and merely a nuisance. Webbing clothes moth larvae are the ones who feed on household items. The larva can reach ½” long and like to hide deep under collars, or in rolled up items. You can see them partially sticking out of their white-colored woven cases they build around themselves.


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