Wildlife Removal of Skunks & Raccoons in San Francisco, CA; Prevent Damage from Wild Animals

Skunks and raccoons are cute, but you probably don’t want to share your yard or home with them. They are both considered pests because a pest is any insect or animal that causes issues for humans. Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay will explain why skunks and raccoons are a problem.

Preventing Digging Up Lawn, Spraying & Other Skunk Damage

When you see a skunk, you don’t need to worry about it too much because they are fairly mild-mannered. They are easily identified by their black and white markings and well known for the foul odor they produce when they feel trapped or fear that their young are in danger. Many homeowners fear having skunks on their property because they could get sprayed, but they will give you ample warning that they are about to do it. They will stamp their feet, raise their tail, hiss and charge forward in short bursts while they twist their hind end in your direction. If it’s a spotted skunk, they will get into a handstand position as they stare their threat down. Move away slowly to avoid getting sprayed. When it gets cold they will become less active will be more determined to find shelter. This may be your yard. If you can ignore them, they usually move on. Most of the time you will smell a skunk before you see it. If you continue to smell the musky smell they produce, chances are they’ve taken up residence on your property. Another indication will be shallow holes in your yard from their efforts to locate grubs. The best way to keep skunks away is to remove attractants around your property. Secure trash cans, cover window wells and feed pets indoors. Prevent them from denning by covering any holes with soil.

How to Prevent Raccoon Damage to Roof, House & Yard

Raccoons are wild animals with a destructive nature. They are opportunistic by nature and will forage and live in any area that gives the what they need. Many times, it’s your property because it can provide them with shelter, food and water. They are less active in winter, but do not hibernate. Raccoons have a bushy tail with dark rings on it and are salt and pepper gray in color. They also have that distinctive black mask around their eyes. Raccoons will damage wood, shingles, insulation, electrical wiring and walls of a structure. You will see droppings, urine stains and piles of material they will use to build nests. They will also make a mess of garbage cans as they search for food. Control skunks by fixing openings they will use to get into your home like loose siding or shingles, broken vents, holes and uncapped chimneys. Store trash in tightly sealed containers and remove birdfeeders and fountains. Feed pets indoors and keep your yard neat and tidy to avoid hiding spots.

Wildlife Removal

Skunks and raccoons are both hosts of rabies and other diseases, making them dangerous to deal with yourself. You need the help of wildlife removal specialists. Contact Hydrex Pest Control of the North Bay to learn about how you can keep these critters away from your property. They can also inspect your property and formulate a plan to get rid of them.


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