Bed Bug Removal

Bed bug infestations have been on the rise for the past few decades and these notorious hitch-hikers have developed a reputation of being incredibly challenging to eradicate. Bed bug infestations can potentially be hard to eliminate, but Hydrex Pest Control technicians are experts at bed bug inspection and removal. Proper inspection is essential because bug eggs can remain hidden in bedding and carpets long after the visible bugs have been exterminated. Hydrex offers an integrated approach of bed bug control that eliminates the bugs, larvae, and eggs.

A single female bed bug can rapidly reproduce, leaving over 500 eggs in a mattress or on the carpet. Bed bugs suck a victim’s blood, causing bite marks and rashes. A bed bug infestation can be present without immediate detection. This is because bed bugs hide in dark areas during the day. A thorough bed bug inspection is important so that an infestation can be identified and located before it has time to spread. Hydrex offers bed bug inspections in order to verify the presence and pervasiveness of an infestation.

Hydrex knows the importance of preventing another infestation. That’s why our bed bug treatments target bed bugs in their adult, nymph, and egg stages.