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With spring comes swarms of ants searching for food and water. Make sure your home is protected against these pesky pests by turning to Hydrex Pest Control for quality ant control in Petaluma. Using proven products and methods, we effectively eliminate ant colonies and prevent recurring infestations. 

Our ant control experts treat all types of ants, including

  • Argentine ants 
  • Pharaoh ants 
  • Odorous house ants 
  • Thief ants 
  • Southern fire ants 
  • Carpenter ants

Every property is unique, and so are the treatments that Hydrex Pest Control provides. We tailor each service to the specific needs of your home to ensure excellent results. 

Call (707) 475-3090 or contact us online for professional ant control in Petaluma.

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Can Ants Cause Property Damage?

Much like termites, ants can cause significant property damage. Known as the most destructive type of ant, carpenter ants eat their way through wood in order to form nests. With their colonies often containing more than 10,000 workers, carpenter ants can seriously jeopardize the structural integrity of a home over time. 

Additional threats of ants include:

  • Food contamination: Ants are carriers of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, which can be transferred to food and food surfaces. 
  • Harmful bites and stings: While all ants are capable of biting or stinging, only a few species (i.e., fire ants) actually do. Ant bites and stings can result in pain, redness, swelling, and allergic reactions.  
  • Increased pest activity: Other pests, such as spiders, birds, flies, and wasps, feed on ants. A property infested with ants will be more attractive to these types of pests, potentially resulting in multiple infestations. 

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation, Hydrex Pest Control is here to help. Our skilled Petaluma ant control technicians restore comfort and safety to your property as quickly as possible. 

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How Do I Keep Ants Out of the House?

No one wants to walk into their kitchen and find hundreds of ants on the counter. Keeping your home nice and clean can significantly reduce the risk of an ant infestation. Be sure to sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly and clean up any crumbs or spills right away. Additionally, store all leftover food in airtight containers, take the trash out daily, never go to bed with dishes in the sink, and seal any cracks and gaps along your foundation to keep ants away. 

What Do Ants Eat? 

Ants are omnivorous, which means they’ll eat just about anything. Some of their favorite foods include insect eggs, fruits, vegetables, meat, sugar, sap, seeds, grease, and oils. Because they’ll eat anything, it is very important to store your food properly. 

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As a locally owned and operated company, Hydrex Pest Control takes great pride in serving the members of our community. We understand just how important a safe and comfortable home is, and we are here to make sure yours is protected against all types of ants and other pests.  

Choose Hydrex Pest Control because:

  • We are state licensed 
  • We were voted Best Pest Control in Napa for 2022
  • We provide personalized pest solutions
  • We offer eco-friendly solutions 

We understand that each home has its own characteristics and unique challenges. Therefore, we customize our ant control solutions to suit your individual needs, ensuring the most effective results possible. Don't let ants disrupt the tranquility of your home. Turn to Hydrex Pest Control for reliable, effective, and environmentally conscious ant control in Petaluma. Contact us today to schedule an inspection, and take the first step towards a pest-free home!

Call (707) 475-3090 to request an ant control service. We look forward to serving you!

What's Bugging You? FAQs

  • Is There Anything I Can Use for Ants Inside My House Before My Service Technician Comes for Treatment?

    You can use soap and water or an ammonia product for ants all over the counter. Other household and over-the counter-sprays may counteract the control of ants, so please do not use them before or after treatment.

  • If My House is Sprayed Right Before it Rains, Will the Treatment Wash Away?

    Pesticide applied to eaves, around windows, under patio covers, and many pest harborages will be effective even if it rains. Still not sure? Please call us (707) 475-3090.

  • When I Call With a Pest Problem, How Fast Can You Respond with Treatment?

    We know that if you're calling Hydrex Pest Control it's important! We try our best to meet your needs efficiently and effectively. Our summer season is busy, and we give top priority to all of our regular customers. Even in our busy months, we can usually have help on the way within a few days. Remember, good service providers, are often busy, but are worth the wait!

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