Indianmeal Moth

The Indianmeal moth is named for infesting a type of Indian cornmeal, though they will feed on many other things. Adult moths are around 3/8″ long, with a wingspan of up to 5/8″ wide. They are sometimes confused with clothes moths, but they are easy to distinguish if you know what to look for. Indianmeal moths are colored tan to gray, with a reddish brown band on their wings. The band on their wings also has somewhat of a copper shine to it. Clothes moths are a solid, subdued color. These meal moths are also not really active in the daytime, and are attracted to light. The moth larvae are slightly bigger than the adults, and do all of the damaging feeding. They are mostly colored white, but can have different tints of color depending on what food they are eating. Foods they will eat include cracked or coarse grains, dried fruit, cereal, pet food, and shelled nuts. The larvae aren’t very good at chewing through packaging, but can get in through small openings. Once they find a food supply, they will feed on the surface layers – leaving a silken webbing material. Infested items usually have larvae, frass, and silken tubes throughout the top layers. The infested goods can appear to be matted together. When the larvae mature, they usually leave the food source in search of a place to build a cocoon and pupate. This could be in the corner of a cabinet, or far away from the food. It’s not uncommon to see the larvae wandering around, and have to find the food source from which they originated.


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